Friday, February 24, 2012

Doritos: An Interruption

Alert!  Alert!  My stove is broken!

And by 'broken' I mean 'working really really way too well' because it won't actually turn off.

Fortunately (well, from a cooking standpoint, extremely unfortunately) I have an electric range, so the quick fix for this is to just go down into the basement and throw the circuit. This means that, for the past week, any time I've wanted to cook something, I have to head down to the basement, flip the switch, and then go back down when I'm finished.  In the larger scheme of things, this isn't actually a big deal.  I should be able to proceed with my first test run of homemade Doritos this weekend.

However. I am still waiting for someone to come out and repair the stove. I don't actually think that they would come on a Saturday, but you never know.

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